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Hey guys,

I've started at an ecommerce store that has a bit of a weird set up and I wanted to see if I had totally butchered this or if I'm inching in the right direction. All the sites sell the exact same product and look the same with the same content.

We currently have 4 websites:


All the sites have the same GA code. I have split all 4 into seperate views in GA to manage the data better. We are using shopify for the above 4. We are launching 3 new sites, with a seperate agency, which will not be on shopify.

  1. Is country specific views the best way to manage this?
  2. I have just set up enhanced e-commerce on all views. But beyond connecting it to Shopify – will I need to do anythings else in terms of set up – apologies, I'm not familiar with eCom in GA.
  3. I am using geo-targetly to auto-redirect as a lot of traffic was going to the incorrect site. The social team was sending global traffic to the www site – but this is a country specific site (our home country site). Do I need to manage the re-directed traffic in a way that it doesn't mess up my analytics. i.e. should I be filtering out redirects/referrals? If so – how will my social traffic be segmented?

I am actually a little bit lost here in general, so I appreciate any support – thanks you guys.

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