If you are losing money on Facebook ads, you might be doing the following

Hi Everyone!
Just a small tip concerning Facebook ads. I have been seeing this too much lately and I truly think many people need to hear what I have to say!

A small background check: I have been on this market for years, I started by running and building eCommerce/eLearning stores, and then moved into helping others with their e-commerce businesses.

This is my first post here and I wish to continue updating you with the things I see and learn while working on my business and helping others and for sure I will seek help whenever I need it.

So back to topic:

I receive daily requests from clients and students to help them out with Facebook ads! Most of them will come to me, depressed and sad because they lost a lot of money on ads without seeing any results.

After years of experiencing this, I noticed that in most cases, the main problem is not Facebook Ads! But the store!

Why on earth would anyone start paying money to bring traffic to his store, if the store that meant to receive this traffic is not optimized to convert or to attract leads?

Otherwise, you will not be making the most out of the traffic you are getting! Please remember the following:

  1. People are not fooled! They will not buy from a spammy looking store.

  2. If you are not collecting your visitors leads. You are missing the opportunity of reaching out to them in the future thru email and trying to sell new products of urs.

  3. It is totally fine if you don't want to add a blog to your store and provide value ( although I highly recommend adding a strong blog to any eCommerce store) but it is not ok to have empty social media profiles with no posts, and nothing to offer.

    1. Always check out famous stores in your niche, and try to judge if your store is comparable to them!

    I met many awesome people, who had zero tech experience and who were able to nail it and create an awesome store. So don't rush out paying on ads. Get your job done first, build your system, then start investing there!

I hope this post will help someone out and will save him/her some money!

Stay safe and would love to read your comments and feedbacks

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