(Request) Solution for farming sales online?

Family friends of mine run a small farm. They use Square for tracking their sales right now, and it’s fine, but they think they can do better.

As I understand it, their goal is to have an online store while still being able to manually enter sales from their physical store. Then they’d like to have a newsletter they can send out based on who bought what – e.g. to everyone bought avocados last year, “now they’re in season again, check it out!”

I don’t think they care too much about complex analytics or anything. The base functionality is the most important, and the biggest problem they’ve had so far is identifying customers who use multiple credit cards. If they were able to identify individual customers, a nice to have feature would be to add notes per customer, saying that person X bought a turkey last time and might want one again, for example.

Does anyone know of a good solution for this? They are not tech savvy, so lightweight is better. And of course, money is always a factor.

Thanks in advance!

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