FB ADS: Optimize for content views or purchases?

I'm currently running FB ads and my funnel looks like this:

  1. Ad CTA (click the link below to learn 3 ways to solve XYZ problem)
  2. -> VSL (helps the prospect by showing them things that will really help)
  3. -> partway through the VSL, I make my offer & try to sell the product.

The ads, landing page, & VSL are all pretty solid and I have a hard time believing that they are the issue and I think the problem is that my targeting sucks.

The ads I'm running are currently optimized for content views on the VSL, but I feel like I should be optimizing for purchases instead because I heard somewhere that the FB algorithm will give you EXACTLY what you ask it for.

But when I run the same campaign optimized for purchases, hardly anyone views the VSL, my CPM is through the roof, and my CTR sucks on my ads.

What do you recommend I do?

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