Need advice on my ecommerce website

I have been on the Etsy Marketplace for some time with good results. All my products are custom made to orders. I have my independent website set up about 3 months ago. The product listings are mostly based on my Etsy listings. So far I do not have much activities at all other than two orders (one is from my Insta referral, the other was random). Google analytics shows less than 10 users per day. While I have been working so hard on making and shipping the best products, I am at loss how to market my own website effectively. So far I have been trying to build my insta following but without much results. I have not started any Google or FB ads yet.

For those who are experienced with setting up websites and growing them, would you please take a quick look and advise how I can jump start the website traffic with results (orders)? My site is:

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