Why you should increase your average cart value and how?!

Hello everyone.

I noticed from my yesterday's post and the comments I received following reviewing several stores, that many people here are not very familiar with the importance of increasing the average cart value of the customer.

So I am writing this post today to clarify this point and explain why it is extremely important:

  1. Acquiring a customer is expensive and it is becoming more and more expensive over time. Especially if you are relying on Facebook Ads to get all your traffic.
  2. So let's say your cost per purchase is 20$ and your profit margin is 15$ (for the product you are advertising for). If the customer you gained from Facebook only made one purchase. This means that you are losing money because you paid an extra 5$ to acquire this client.
  3. To fix this, you have to build your store in a way to make sure that your customers (or most of them) end up buying from the first time or in the future, more than just one product.
  4. To do that, you have to use upsells, cross-sells, product bundles, email marketing, and more

I know I might be receiving now a comment from someone saying, I sell one product on my store and I making 5 figures per month from ads… Well yeah, this possible… but it is less frequent, much riskier and few products can sell that crazy AND MOST IMPORTANTLY "CAN CONTINUE SELLING FOR A LONG TIME LIKE THAT"

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