$250+ Spent on FB-Ads, 0 ATC/0 IC/0 Sales. Only 60 website visits. Because of the niche?

These stats are horrible, I have had 2 stores before this who did much better with MUCH worse design and Ads. This is a new Ad Account and Pixel.

$250 USD spent (and counting…) = 50 USD/Day in 10 adsets. 0 ATC, CPC = $6 average/10 adsets, CPM = $40-60. Total of 60 Website visits / 36 Link clicks. Ad targets USA only and automatic placements. Still in "Learning" phase on the ads.

I use video 1 for adset 1-5 and video 2 for 6-10. I got them made from a guy on Fiverr. My website looks good and I got everything done/set up correct.

I know the product isnt super relevant right now (its in the travel niche), is that why there is so incredibly low interest?

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