Is Marking as “Shipped” in Paypal Necessary? Do you do it? Any Warnings?

Our e-commerce site accepts all major credit cards via Stripe, Apple Pay, and payments via Paypal. Paypal makes up anywhere from 30%-40% of our payments. When we ship our orders and they're marked as fulfilled, this information is not automatically updated in Paypal. It sounds like Paypal's API just doesn't support it?

That said, we've been manually going into PayPal and adding tracking information because we know Paypal has an earned reputation for unfairly holding funds. However, it's gotten to the point where the sheer volume of orders per day makes this impossible to keep up with. Is this step of manually adding shipment tracking numbers into Paypal necessary? Does it leave us vulnerable if we don't?

Appreciate insights from those that do and don't update.

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