Struggling to make sales, even with paid ads. What am I doing wrong?

I'll try to keep this short. I have my own line of watches and am getting into other apparel. Our watches are our own design and have a cool holographic effect on the watch face. Really nothing else like them on the market (though there are other colorful watches out there of course). We've been paying for ads on FB (using a marketing agency). People add to cart but don't really move forward with the purchase. For reference, I've spent $1,800 on ads which have led to 146 add to carts, but only 7 purchases. That buy to add to cart rate has gotten slightly better as we've begun to implement a countdown timer, slashed pricing, and decreased our actual price, and made our cart look a little more trustworthy. But honestly our website is great in my opinion, but of course always a ton of room for improvement.

If anyone could take a look and tell me what I could be doing better, would really appreciate it! Link here.

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