Help with Copywriting (I suck)

Hey guys.

Looking for assistance on website design and copy writing on some products.

A little background… my products are handmade. We make them to order.

The description reads.

"Tired of purchasing belts every year that look like hell after only a few months? We get it, money doesn't grow on trees and you're not made of it either so it gets expensive buying belts over and over. Time to throw that 'yuck' away and keep your pants up with something that not only saves you money by getting something that is guaranteed to last forever.

Your new belt is a one piece design that isn't filled with cardboard and glue like the belts you've been buying. This means that there isn't any way for it to fail.

It features brass (nickel plating on brass) metal buckles, not the cheap stainless steel ones mass produced by child labor.

Lastly it is comfortable and doesn't dig into your sides and squeeze you like a hamster bound with rubber bands. Instead it cradles you like a egg in a carton.

Product Details

  • Full Grain Hermann Oak English Bridle Leather
  • Solid metal buckles
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 1-1/2" ( or 38mm ) in width
  • Made to order based off your selection"

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