Monthly Subscription into gift certificates/ store credit

Looking for an ecommerce solution that I can't seem to find. My website is going to utilize a subscription model, where you're billed at the beginning of each month depending on the tier of service you select. That service tier will determine your discount and the entirety of the billed amount is awarded in some form of store credit or cert.

In short. You prepay $100 each month autopay, get my best discount tier and get that $100 back in entirety. Wanted to work with a wallet-like system at first like Steam (pc game platform) but can't seem to find a smart way to integrate all of this. Currently using a woocommerce site, but looking at shopify, square, bigcommerce etc.

Seems like most recurring subs want to work directly with product, but as my products are not something you'd buy more than one of any sku, i'd rather give my customers full freedom with their credits.

in short.
prepay / recurring app
applied to a store credit / gift cert
automatically apply discount profile to customer based on subscription, while it is active, revert profile with cancellation.

Trying to do as much of this as possible. Closest i'm getting is using bigcommerce with bold subscription, then manually applying store credits to profiles. Works for awhile but anticipate it becoming unwieldy. Thanks!

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