My conversion rates are terrible.

Hi everyone,

I have card game called Capital Punishment: The party argument game that we plan on launching via kickstarter and to that end we established an instagram and website through shopify. Here is our instagram and here is our website

We really just got started but i'm really concerned because we haven't talked to a marketing person. We kind of just watched some youtube videos and asked some questions on reddit to put this whole thing together. Currently we've spent about $60 on ads to spread awareness of our product on instagram. We only have 180 followers. We've had 170 people go to our website and only two of those people submitted their emails. We made a commitment before hand to measure are progress by way of the number of emails receive and since we only have two we are really at a loss.

What can we do better? What's the process for learning about your marketing strategies and refining them? How can I make my customer funnel rate better than it currently is? Honestly is there anything you guys can suggest for me to take a look at? Videos, articles, anything…

tl;dr: Website to email subscription conversion rate is at 1%, desperately need it to improve to move forward.

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