Set some goals guys; give yourself some metrics to hit outside of your computer space

You will thank yourself in 6 months I promise. I know this is generally something to do with a spreadsheet and a calculator but I think there is still strong value is setting some "check boxes" on pencil and paper for you to give yourself a little pat on the back as you make progress outside of your numbers and calculations.

For example, my website officially launched late July with products not going live until Aug 16th. At that time, I had assigned myself (5) goals that I printed out on a piece of paper and taped to my office door. Those goals are:

-(1) Organic Sale by Sep 1st

-(5) Organic Sales by Dec 31st

-(1) 5 Star Google Business Review

-(1) 5 Start Google Merchant Center Customer Review

These may seem very light or silly but ill be honest with you, I was not thinking I would have my first two goals almost nailed by the end of August and damn it feels good to check off! I am one sale away from meeting my (albeit very small) goal of 5 sales by the end of the ear… in less than a month! Talk about a moral booster when you are spending ALL OF YOUR FREE TIME on SEO and content optimization.

So anyways, the point of this is to challenge yourself to do the same. Sit down and write out some very abstract goals and put a time limit on them and then JUDGE YOUR PERFORMANCE. You will never get better if you are not constantly bench-marking yourself and pushing for improvement. If I meet all my goals by the end of this year, my next goal might be for example, 5 sales a month for 6 months; a social share; a real backlink, etc.

Good luck guys! God bless America!

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