Facebook ads not working? Stop stressing out and read this post, the solution is in here!

So as I promised I am doing my best to post things here to help out as much as possible!

I know many people build their entire e-commerce business around the idea of :

Creating a store + running ads => Making sales!

I am not writing this post to say this is wrong! Because it is not! You can definitely run a successful business like that while only relying on paid ads!

I actually run one business that sells 1 high ticket product and I only rely on Youtube ads to get my traffic ( not even Facebook although I am an expert when it comes to Facebook ads) but somehow, for this exact product, Youtube/Google ads are doing way better!

So yeah! I know it can work! You can build a store around paid ads only!

But I don't recommend this!


Because simply:

  • It is an extreme strategy! This means that you are putting all your eggs in one basket
  • Not all products can be easily sold on Facebook
  • Not only that: Your risk is way higher from the strategy I recommend you to adopt!

What I truly recommend, is to diversify your traffic source!

  • Run ads
  • Work on optimizing your store for SEO to get organic traffic from google
  • Create engaging social media profiles (Instagram/ Facebook depending on the niche) so you can have a base of followers that you later transform into customers
  • Create a youtube channel so you can provide content and advertise your items from there…
  • And if you are just starting out, you can use Facebook groups as well to sell your products!

I know this might seem like a lot of work! Especially with all these YouTube Gurus promising gold out of Facebook Ads with little effort.

But Beleive me, one thing I learned thru all these years working and selling products online " Nothing comes easy! and if it does you better ask yourself what is going on!"

You don't need to go with all of these ideas at the same moment. Start out by 2 or 3, see what you love and you are good at and focus more on it!

For years I convinced myself I don't like SEO, until one day I challenged myself to beat this up and now SEO is one of my favorite traffic sources. I helped tenth of my clients succeeding in increasing their organic traffic and boosting their businesses just by focusing on SEO.

Don't just go with trendy things and trendy strategies! Test different things and find your own pace!

PS: Would welcome any comment that opposes or supports my ideas. Just please stay nice and focused. I am not sure why many people use fake names here and find by this the perfect way to be impolite, aggressive, and inappropriate!

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