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I’m looking to start an online business. Figured out my niche however, still narrowing it down. Thing is, I have absolutely no experience in business and am taking notes by doing research. Originally, I was looking to purchase from a wholesaler through AliExpress and perhaps sell through amazon and ship myself? Although, I’m seeing drop shipping is a better option. I’m ready to put in the work and learn from those who’ve started on their own. Questions I have are:

Where do I start? Shall I create a website? Use reselling sites like eBay, amazon..etc? Drop ship route? Should the drop ship wholesaler be in the US? Should I add the brand name to the label? Business license?

Sorry, need all the help/advice and clear steps I can get to start this new journey. Also, i’m not versed on business terminologies so please ELI5. Thanks!

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