Question – New To Ecom

Everything in the internet is always difficult to find… Unless its reddit – i appreciate our community.

NOW Heres my post:

I'm new to the space so my step one is to read all the posts in here, I want to change my life- hit so many tragic bumps in the road these two years as all of us have.


Trouble finding a manufacturer or supplier – its a niche product similar to 3D printing

Integrating a automatic purchase & delivery system ( i'm sure i can do this alone but a supplier i've sunk few hours a day here with no progress emailing & calling)

I love the challenges & the hustle – i'm always motivating & very much a pack animal. So far i've been alone for 2 – 3 years of my life. I guess to sum up what im looking for.

A group of drop shippers or ecom guys n gals that discuss the space & whats working. I'm not interested in purchasing your course and making this a business transaction. I am interested in meeting the community & individuals in the industry.

Thank You.

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