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Happy Monday All,

Just to preface: I am not tech savvy, so please forgive incorrect terminology herein. My startup manufactures clothing and we are wanting to set up an ecommerce site where clients can create an account, browse our catalog, and request a sample product ("purchase") that they will not be charged for. We are basically wanting a password protected client portal to allow dummy purchases of sample product so we can track who ordered (requested) what and when.

We are currently trying to use Wix ecommerce but a series of bugs and ZERO TECH SUPPORT has our site unable to function live; it gets hung up on creating a client user account "something went wrong, try again later" error.

Is there a platform that would be better suited to our goal? Basically ecommerce for user account, browsing, and ordering but without payment. Our catalog is not available to the public, so the client portal is necessary. Any help is appreciated; I just need to be pointed in the right direction, thanks!

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