Facebook Metrics? Ads; how isn’t this ending up in profit? What/Where is going wrong?

Hey; started an e-commerce fashion brand been working on months; got significant social proof etc and very good feedback on the site as a whole.

I've ran about £250 worth of ads over the previous week and have solidified on two now that I have running. I have them both optimised for ATC as after running engagement etc I finally had 50+ atc which i understand is minimum for optimisation and started them two days ago with the new conversion goal ATC.

Stats for 1: CPC 0.25p / CTR 1.95% / CPM £4.87 / result rate 80% / AVG ATC Price 0.65p.

Stats for 2: CPC 0.30p / CTR 1.84% / CPM £5.50 / result rate 70% / AVG ATC Price 0.78p.

Stats for 3: CPC 0.21p / CTR 1.65% / CPM £3.38 / result rate 25% / AVG ATC Price 1.20p.

All been running 36-72h within a campaign budget of £75 a day. 1.5k+ sessions including the initial engagement over last week including about 450 since switching to ATC 72h ago.

1: 75 ATC last 24h

2: 29 ATC Last 24h

3: 28 ATC Last 24h

So for roughly 135 ATC = TOTAL SALES = 3. AOV £34.

However; these are all taken from Facebook; Shopify analytics has 45 total ATC (don't really get that!).

I've killed 2 and 3 as 1 is obviously far better (and my money was being eaten alive by them so focusing on one will reduce budget to £30 tonight whilst i solve this).

In any event; with those numbers; especially metrics for 1) shouldn't i be killing it? But have 16 abandoned checkouts and 3 purchases according to shopify.

My checkout page is the standard theme (brooklyn) with logo etc; that I am aware tons of successful stores use; it is shopify's basically default checkout page.

Anyone help out with come comments/advice? Would really appreciate it.

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