I created a script to block fake/disposable/temporary emails, is it useless?

I have a website where I always get fake signups. As email is a good part of the way I use to communicate with my customers it became a real pain. As a developer, my first thought was to "code something that will block them".

I create a "confirmation email flow", it blocked all the fake ones but not the disposable or temporary emails. I also tried to put the Google captcha on my signups page, but it not really better…

I ended by creating a script on my server where I checked the MX records and a few other online resources to see if it's a disposable email or not.

That works! I removed ~90% of them.

After spending days of coding it, I'm wondering if it's really progressing (now I have some complaints from customers that don't want to signup…). I'm also wondering if there is a service out there with an API doing the same thing. The maintenance of this script will probably be more painful than spending a few bucks in an online service!

What's your opinion on this? Do you take care of fake/disposable emails? How? Should I publish my script somewhere?

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