Kill adsets or keep them running? FB (Screenshot attached)

Hey guys, so have been running some FB ads for a fashion brand and have been doing some testing with 10 diffrent audiences (using 1 ad creative) with $5/day per adset. The campaign is for "TOP of the Funnel" cold traffic.

After the first 48 hours kept only the ones with good CPC (less than $2) and CTR. So far there have been 2 adsets running for about 6 days now with about $30 spent in each, and only 2 add to carts per each. Killed off all the other 7 adsets.

The product is quite a bit on an expensive side ($150 CAD) and the margin is only about $70. With question being is do we keep these adsets running all the way until the breakeven point or just kill the entire campaign at this point?

As per screenshot, we have spent $230 on just this TOP of the Funnel campaign alone and our mid and bottom funnel campaigns haven't made any sales either, so its been quite frustrating to say the least.

We feel we've done some research into the audiences and optimized the hell out of the product page and website, and feel its a nice product with most sales so far being from organic social and word of mouth.

Would quite appreciate some feedback.

Ad account campaign screenshot: campaign screenshot

P.s. can pm the link to website if interested.

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