Stuck between 2 platforms

I am in the middle of a startup business running performance autoparts for japanese vehicles. I started off bigcommerce and found the platform very great, meets almost all my needs and has some great features and simplicity. However, I started dabbling my feet into shopify a little and found there platform to be much more visually appealing site wise with their themes. Shopify lacks some basic features such as dimensional weight and other simplicity items but I am confused to see if the tradeoff might be worth it as I believe it might be minor enough to weigh off as some popular competition also uses shopify. BigCommerce just seems to have more without the need for extra apps and integrations and what comes along with those, being $$$. I am confused on how I should proceed. Long term is it more worth it to just maybe have a hard coded custom theme on bigcommerce? Need some opinions and help 🙁 is the bigcommerce website as of right now. Nowhere near done as I was just testing things.

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