Do you think it’s worth me paying for a professional to help with my marketing at this stage?

I have a pretty demanding full time job but since lockdown I’ve been working from home and I’ve started selling handmade latex accessories, with the view of selling larger items like clothing. They’ve been pretty well met and I’ve made a few hundred pounds in the few months it’s been running. Everything I’ve sold has received good reviews so far and there seems to be some potential and momentum for me to make some money but I’m not sure on the best step for me to take now.

It’s all still in its infancy so I’m not sure whether it’s the right to time to ask a professional for help on how to market my products or whether I should wait and see where I am in a year or so and whether it’s still a viable venture. For review, my website is (I also perform on the side so the store is what I sell on and the rest is not specifically relevant to what I’m selling) and my Instagram is @abattoirlatex. My current aim is to get a few more sales a month and grow at a manageable rate from there.

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