Recovering abandoned carts successfully Finally!!!

Hi, since I have been on this subreddit for a while and taken with me alot of tips that has helped my business grow I wanted to share something with you guys.

I am probably talking for everybody here when I say that abandoned carts are a bitch. I have tried most tools to help, but one day it came to me that emails was not the trick. Ofcourse it works, but its only a one sided communication system and people are mostly on their phones so I thought to myself, there should be a SMS sending app if an abandoned cart is created and there was.

I found the app «cartloop» on shopify quite useful. Their team texts for you, do upsells for you and everything and the app is FREE!!! The only thing they do take is 15% of the order value. But 15% of an resolved abandoned cart is nothing in my eyes, before it would just be an abandoned cart.

If you want to check it out:

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