Any advice on integrating eCommerce, in-person transactions, and scheduling?

I work for a small gym providing group spin classes. We also sell activewear and wellness items.

Our business's website was created on Wix. Because of that, it seemed right to set up our online store through Wix Stores. As a business that primarily handles purchases in-store, I also need the ability to have customers make purchases online and have the inventory update in real-time. We're already way too short on hands as it is to deal with manually tinkering with the inventory.

I've come to know that Square can be used to process in-person payments for Wix. However, as far as I'm aware, it can only be done within the Wix mobile app. This seems like a nightmare for reporting as well as just not being a very professional and permanent solution. I ordered the Square Register out of a lack of due diligence thinking that it would allow for smoother integration with our Wix inventory. It doesn't!

I'm not sure how to proceed. I could use Wix to manage my inventory but the in-person payment through the Wix app is simply not an elegant enough solution. I could use Square to manage the inventory but there isn't a way to simply drop a Square eCommerce app/widget into my Wix site and I don't want to direct someone to a different site to shop as that doesn't look very professional either. I would also need way more customization than the Square/Weebly eCommerce sites allow. I've tinkered with Shopify but was flabbergasted at how terribly it integrated with Wix. Again, very limited customization.

Because we offer group classes, we also require some sort of scheduling software. Square's answer to that is Square Appointments but it doesn't have the ability to be used for booking multiple people so that's no help (and as I said before, their website builder is really limited in customization). Wix's answer is Wix Bookings. Wix bookings doesn't provide the full-fledged customer support and capabilities we need. Currently, we use Mindbody for scheduling but we're switching over to FitDegree very soon.

How can all of this work together? Will I have to hire someone to integrate everything? Where do I even begin with that? I'm a graphic designer who sort of fell into handling this mess. Ecommerce and web design, in general, isn't my strong suit. I'm not committed to Wix by any means (I actually hate it) but I do feel completely overwhelmed by the prospect of switching to WordPress, Grav, or any other CMS because of the learning curve.

If there is a better place for this to go please let me know. I'm just a bit exasperated and not sure where to go from here.

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