Chatbots for ecommerce – do you use them? Why or why not?

I've been interested in the idea of using a chatbot to help with basic sales and support questions on our site. This would be 100% automated with workflows/AI. No live people involved. However, I have no idea what to expect dipping my toes in this.

We have steady traffic to our site and a pretty good funnel overall, making heavy use of email + Facebook. We sell somewhat niche, professional-oriented digital products directly to users – no subscription services or other distributors required. Our products range in price from $20 to $299, with our most popular items in the $150 range.

Given the enormous number of chatbot services/platforms out there, they must be working for somebody but I can find few metrics or case studies that aren't just shilling/promo from the services themselves. Have you used a chatbot for your site? If so, which platform, and was it worth it? What kind of ROI did you see?

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