Shipping an item from Italy to a fulfillment center in the UK

Hi guys,

I have a good idea how to do everything I need to set up a store, except this final part. I originally wanted to try dropshipping, but just found making customers wait 30 days for a delivery to make me feel physically sick so…

The item I want to start selling in the UK is from Italy. It's a 3-piece set, and isn't very heavy or very big.

Does anyone have any experience in this specific problem, if not from Italy from somewhere else in EU.

Yes, I know Brexit might fuck my business model, but I've got some ideas to get around this.

I guess my questions summed up are:

  • How can I find a supplier in Italy (this is a question I can probably find the answer to myself, but if anyone has any ideas then great)
  • Do I just then get that supplier to send my stock to the fulfillment center in the UK?


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