75-80% Website complete, please critque!

South Coast of UK based car buying service for people who, simply want to quickly sell there car on without any hassle.

I've always wanted to create a website and trading cars is a huge passion of mine so see this site as a simple way of getting hold of decent stock, spending a couple of days rectifying any little defects i.e. scuffs or scratches and then hopefully earning a few quid on the other side.

This is very much a side project for me as, fortunately/unfortunately my day job takes me abroad for months at a time (engineer)

I've spend the last few evenings putting content on, bits and bobs I still want to put on is a quick youtube video introducing myself and the process, and improving overall look.

Please if you have a few spare minutes have a look at my site and provide your insights, however critical and hopefully your opinion can go towards creating the final version. 🙂

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