Extremely Low Conversion Rate – Store Review

Hey guys im a noob here so forgive me. Just seeking some general advice. Over the past year I would buy pallets of mini fridges and resell on FB Marketplace, made great money. but dealing with meetups and people of FB were a pain in general so ive been diving into ecommerce. I know its not easy, takes a lot of trial and error. I have name brand products that sell themselves, but they arent selling? I currently have gaming inventory (Astro Headsets, Turtle Beach, Sony Controllers etc). The past week i have dumped about $300 into fb ads and have only gotten 1 purchase for $69 (lol). I have had 511 sessions, 6 add to cart, 9 initiate checkout, and 1 purchase. (I have had a couple orders from Ebay but thats not in correlation to my FB ads). I just want to know why my conversion rate might be so low? my link is . Let me know if you have any suggestions/tips. I appreciate your time !

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