It’s the Journey That Matters: Improving Customer Experience and Loyalty – and Other News

Enjoy our weekly roundup of top news stories across the Customer Experience (CX) landscape.

Industry News:

Why It Has Become Imperative for Businesses to Provide an Omnichannel Customer Experience  – Entrepreneur, 8.31.20

  • An omnichannel customer service approach has therefore become a key requisite for businesses, allowing them to be by the side of their consumers at all stages of their purchasing journey.

Customer Journeys Are Becoming Increasingly Complex – Forbes, 8.31.20

  • With numerous touchpoints and channels, brands need to have a strong understanding of their customers to track their journeys and offer personalized service and recommendations.   

It's the Journey That Matters: Improving Customer Experience and Loyalty – Cmswire, 8.31.20

  • The positive interactions and personalization of the CX are not the biggest drivers of customer loyalty, but that continued improvements in the product experience itself play a larger role than was previously expected.


Oracle CX in the News:

Oracle Helps Marketers Navigate Changes during Covid-19 – Cxotoday, 8.31.20

  • Oracle has recently announced a slew of updates in its Oracle Cloud CX and Oracle Cloud CX Marketing portfolios. Here’s how Oracle is helping marketers navigate changes during the recent COVID-19 pandemic with the help of digital technology.

5 Companies Take on the Changing Challenges of Ecommerce – Forbes, 9.3.20

  • Online sales hadn’t been a huge part of many businesses until the COVID-19 pandemic hit, restricting people’s access to bars and making in-store shopping a concern for some.


Oracle CX Social Content:

  • #CX is more important than ever. Learn how to exceed your customers' expectations at #OracleCXSummit hosted by @jaybaer, September 17th. Register now: #OracleCX
  • Welcome to the #ExperienceEconomy – the new reality that drives all facets of the relationship between brands and consumers! #CX #OSvC
  • Episode 1 of #CXPodcast #OftenImitated is now live! In this episode, @ianfaison details Benjamin Franklin’s famous Junto and finds a modern-day equivalent in Shari Johnston of @WomenInRevenue:
  • Giving the right customer, the right offer, at the right time-these #MarkieAwards finalists have mastered the art of #OmniChannel Experience. Congratulations: @Aon_pl @MountainAmerica  Spur, and YouCom! Watch video to find out who won:
  • When their constituents needed them the most, @LosAngeles81 @CityofJax #NewYorkState #NHS Western Sussex Family Assist all responded rapidly to create a more meaningful citizen experience. Our @rtarkoff shares their stories and lessons on innovation & #CX:

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