What do I look for when searching for a marketing person/agency, and where is it best to look?


Back in 2019, I started a simple POD store as an attempt to learn e-commerce as a whole. I came up with a theme, target audience, and a design philosophy that I try to follow. Once I completed the UX and got all my designs uploaded, I started doing research into SEOs, online marketing, social medial marketing, etc.

I study programming at school, so building a website isn't hard for me. I also have an interest in art, so designing shirts also isn't hard for me. I've even taken a few marketing courses, but I quickly found out that most of what I learnt is simply theory and that I have no experience in actual marketing.

I hired a guy from Fiverr to do SEO. Long story short, it was so garbage that I got a refund from Fiverr and decided to learn it and do it myself. I don't think I did it very well, as I only managed to increase traffic from 0 to a few dozen a day, and got 1 sale over 3 months.

I didn't bother to touch social media marketing or any form of marketing as that required money that I as a broke college student doesn't have. I decided to deactivate my store and get a job.

It's now a full year later. I have more designs and better designs, but I still don't know practical marketing all that well. I want to hire someone or an agency to help me build a marketing plan so I have a clear path forward. Question is in the title.

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