If I use pop-culture & history as a way to incorporate culture into my brand and make it relatable to a wider audience, and easier to connect to, is it possible that my conversion rates might drop despite attracting more viewers, because they’re only there for the entertainment rather than help?

Would it be better to make it bland and information focused with regards to the niche (ex. the productivity niche inside self-help), if I'm focusing on converting people who are there solely for the value, or would incorporating culture into it and adding a strong entertainment component that goes beyond the value of the information itself be better in order to pull more people in to check out my products?

What I'm saying is, will making the entertainment value a strong component of my brand, wash away the main value that I'm trying to provide (help with productivity) when it comes to selling my products online, and end up alienating the target audience that I wish to attract? Or, would it simply be an added bonus, while having mainstream appeal?

Because one on end, I have experience testing out content and getting views here or there, and I know that using culture can really pop off. But at the same time, if it's just mainstream and for entertainment, it might alienate a cult-like consistent fanbase who's there for one specific type of value. Are there any resources addressing this dilemma?

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