Need WP plugin/script for ebook protected url generation from a 3rd party site to include in their bundled sale

We need to have a solution to this problem.

We have an ebook that we sell (via e-junkie) but we also have a 3rd party that sells this book on their own website in one of their bundles with products of their own.

We want them to be able to obtain a protected url of the ebook on our wordpress website (we'd store a copy of the ebook on our domain if this is possible) so they can include it in their package they send to their customers.

We also desire this not just for the automation and protection of the ebook, but also to track purchases. A simple counting of purchases by month would suffice and this part can be manually done.

Is this possible to do and also securely by this external 3rd party (basically we become a fulfillment service in essence. No financials need to be handled since it's done by the 3rd party)

Any thoughts on a WordPress plugin that could do this? My guess is the plugin needs some API of sorts to allow external triggering of a generated URL.

Thanks in advance guys!

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