Tips on Order Fulfillment

Hey everyone!

Back again with some questions around order fulfillment.

My company has a card game that we had originally planned to put on Kickstarter so we thought we would need to use a fulfillment service like red stag to get orders out all over the country. However, we are currently entertaining the possibility of skipping the Kickstarter and just getting the prints made. Either way our marketing plan involved focusing on our local market. Therefore we are trying to understand the possible cost of hand delivering orders same day OR do we just go with a local fulfillment center in our market (more cost than red stag) OR do we just continue with our original fulfillment plan? If I were to use usps to ship locally what are the fees associated with that?

The goal in my eyes is speedy delivery for my intended local market. I’m really just looking for some logistics advice from you guys.

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