Advice On handling initial inventory fulfillment as an expat. (Not a dropshipping inventory).

Hey all,

As I test the waters with starterinventory on my e-commerce site, I’m not sure how to approach fulfillment. I live in Eastern Europe but my shop will be marketed to US customers primarily.

As I see it, i have a few options.

  1. I can handle it myself (easiest, but postage might kill me — either i cant compete or i eat the cost).

  2. I use a fulfillment warehouse (expensive to get started, and no guarantees on quality of service)

  3. I can send inventory to my sister-in-law in the states who has agreed to handle fulfillment for a modest wage. (This could be really confusing getting her set up on her own, and I’d have to help her get her workspace set up for her, get supplies in order, and some sort of inventory management system).

I think there are clear pro’s and con’s to each option, but I’m hoping someone with more experience might be able to help me steer the boat down the path of least resistance, or understand any kinds of underwater rocks that i might get snagged on.

Do you guys have any advice on which avenue i should pursue?


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