Here’s my business idea — please rate it

Hey guys, I got an idea for a business that I think can go viral and do really well but obviously there are some major obstacles that can potentially hinder the ability for it to succeed. I usually do not share my business ideas on reddit, especially when the idea is still in its infancy. But here it goes anyway.

THE IDEA (I own the domain). The meme gift is a millennial gag gift where you fill up a premade deck of 30 memes. Each card has an iconic meme and the customer would add a situation that they’ve been through with their SO that relates to that meme. Once all 30 memes are done, the customer receives a box with 30 “flash cards” with funny memes and THEIR personal stories that relate to each meme.


-It’s a super fun gift to give and create: its fun, humorous, witty and also sentimental (the person put time to make this personal gift.)

  • it’s fun to open and read all the meme cards with your SO. It’s definitely a gift that will put a smile on the receivers face. And the experience of going through the memes together is a vibe.

-Who doesn’t like memes? Who doesn’t like gag gifts?

-an idea like this has potential to go viral I believe.


  • A lot of people — especially the low-attention spanned millennials will probably not spend so much time on my website filling up every card with stories and Inside jokes that relate each meme. (THIS IS THE BIGGEST PROBLEM IMO)

  • building a website like this, through shopify seems like a challenge. How can I make a product like this even work on shopify? The customer selects a pre-made meme deck and each deck has 30 cards that they would have to fill up.

  • price point: since this is a gag gift, people will be buying it as a “side gift”. I’ll be selling it for $30 as it’s the only way it can be profitable. Is that too much?

I’m currently still working on building the deck, and that in itself is sort of a challenge as I need to find memes that people can easily relate to.

What do you guys think of this idea? Does it have potential? Is it something people would love? I personally see value in it but I don’t know if I’m blinded by my own bias.


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