Increase website reviews through automated emails?

Good afternoon all! First time post here.

I'm helping out my father with his online business. He has a devoted clientele who are passionate about his service and health products.

Currently, the products on the website do not have very many reviews and I was thinking of a workflow that might help. Could someone please confirm if there is a pathway to integrate such a workflow?

Site information: WordPress, Woocommerce

  1. Customer purchases a product
  2. Customer receives product via post
  3. 1-2 weeks customer receives an automatic email along the lines of: "Hello ___! How are you finding your product? Please leave a review for your chance to receive 25% off your next order"
  4. Customer leaves review
  5. Customer receives coupon for discount on next order.

Does anyone have experience with this incentivizing customers to leave reviews?

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