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Hi. My co-founder and I are looking for any tips on conversion rate optimisation for our website. We focus on Men's Formal Shirts within the UK only (at present, with a plan to open up to worldwide shipping). Main competitors are Charles Tyrwhitt, TM Lewin and Hawes and Curtis. We're fairly small right now and the main aim to make sure our website hits the right messages for paid and organic traffic to eventually convert. The website is here:

Generally our Marketing needs work, I've personally been trying to learn a lot as it isn't my background but we have a defined plan to work on and I'm enjoying the process.

Slowly we're making some progress and I've outlined this below. Unfortunately, at least in the UK right now the WFH culture is planned to stay for at least a few more months in major cities, so this looks like a factor in reduced demand and might require some new styles – i.e. casual shirts – of which we have the flexibility and supply chain to do fairly quickly. Here is some background on our marketing strategy too:

  • Social Media – we started with some for organic posts and tried a competition that was with paid advertising on Instagram, the competition worked quite well in gaining some followers and engagement. There is much more work that needs to be done here. We've got a small network of Influencers we're engaging with and the next steps would be to grow this and work on future content aligned with out target market.
  • Google Ads PPC – after a few rounds of testing, we're moved on to target a reduce amount of locations in the UK that drive the most clicks. Furthermore, we're focusing on text ads plus trying out shopping ads now for new testing. Generally we're not seeing many conversions from this and the traffic tends to bounce either <20 secs for 1-2 pages or 2min+ for 3+ pages but no conversion with signing up or purchase.
  • Blogging – we made a start with this, but need to focus on the right content plug getting valuable backlinks. We've got some basics in there currently but it would be interesting to hear any thoughts of what has worked best for this type of business. I understand on the SEO benefits and achieving rankings it helps but in the short-term we've pursued PPC instead.
  • PR – not much done here but the plan is to look in to Help a report out once our focus is better. Ideally getting involved with articles on related sites – i.e. I'm in touch with a popular wedding site around a potential publication.

So the main point being, with plans to drive traffic on the above we just wanted to get some fresh eyes on the site to suggest any issues that would need to be fixed to help convert customers. Thanks in advance.

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