Starting out, lower performance than expected :(

I think I have a very good product here, it solves a problem and also has a nice aesthetic. It is relatively expensive though ($80 right now). There haven't been any sales yet but i've just launched the website a few days ago.

Some insight: I'm using google for advertising and my google analytics data says that about 90% of clicks to the website are from people aged 45+. Most of those clicks are also from people who are in the top 30% household income bracket.

I'm assuming no one is buying because there are no reviews. Or is my copy bad for selling to people aged 45+? (I didn't originally write the website copy for a particular demographic)

Bigger question: Should I bring attention to the fact that there are no reviews and install a review widget that just says 0 reviews, 0 ratings for transparency? Or should I just leave the review widget out for now to not bring attention to the lack of social proof?

The website is\_source=reddit&utm\_medium=post&utm\_campaign=rEcommerce&utm\_content=notCPC

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