Advice on testing phase for CBO FB campaigns

First I'd like to apologise because my questions may be super basic, I'm trying to learn by doing.

I have a creative and copy that has consistently delivered a decent CPC ($0.15) but I get overwhelmed when structuring testing for different audiences so would greatly appreciate your help. My niche is pet products.

– Most people that click on my ads have been women +40years old should I stick to that age and gender group?

– Re interests I was testing interested in pets/dogs. I now realise that doesn't necessarily mean they own one should I target interested in pet brands? Should I test a couple of pet brands or just one?

– I was thinking of testing either married/single or income brackets – similar question should I just stick to one test?

My concern is that while I test one variable I may be missing out on other more impactful variables.

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