any USA Based International shippers?

Hey guys. I have traditionally sold to USA only and have been giving up some international business. I am thinking about expanding now to sell internationally but have a few questions I hope somebody who does it can answer.

1) If I enable UPS as my international shipper, will the customer be responsible for filling out any additional customs/import details? Do I need to still go behind the orders and fill out/attach export documentation for each package or can UPS handle this?

2) Is there any other additional paper documentation / auditing I need to do per order beyond print the UPS label created by the customers order?

3) do you charge international orders more for any reason beyond just charging for the shipping costs?

4) Am I responsible for defining HS Codes/Schedule B codes and paying export tariffs? How does this fit into #1 and #2 above?

Thanks guys/gals….

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