best dropshipping options?

hey y'all! i'm a director + website manager in a small nonprofit, and we currently use teespring to sell all of our merchandise.

however, it's a genuine pain trying to maintain the teespring AND a website—teespring doesn't allow you to sort or group products very well, and there's no way to integrate it into our .org website, which means i go through a headache of a process every time we upload new products: i have to create an entry in an XML file with the information for the new product, spend half an hour scrolling through the teespring site to find the relevant product, and then link back to it on the website with a custom sorting feature i had to code out myself.

needless to say, i'm kinda getting fed up with this whole system, so we're looking to change to a different dropshipper. we're currently looking at spreadshirt.

so, my question is—is spreadshirt a decent alternative to teespring? are there other (free) dropshippers that anyone has experience with that might work? we've only seriously looked at teespring and teemill, but i don't even know where to start.

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