Give me your opinion on my brand!

Hello everyone! I am trying to launch a hand sanitizer brand.

I know the market is super saturated now and people might be irritated and tired of it. Nevertheless I see a lot of potential in this category and I believe it is going to stay with us beyond this pandemic.

I built the website and created a product. I decided that before I invest into Production I wanted to validate this idea. In order to do that I wanted to run Facebook ads, but unfortunately it didnt get approved since its related to pandemic. I managed to create a tik tok business ads.

Yesterday I started to run ads on tik tok and the stats are good (or so I was told). Ctr of 1%, cpc 0.07$. A lot of engagement and likes on the creative. Unfortunately it ends there. Not a lot of people really seemed to care about the product, most of the interaction with the website lasted couple od seconds. They didnt care about my giveaway and „notify me when available” button. Just so you know I have zero experience with ads.

I would like to hear your honest opinion on my brand. Do you see potential in it? Do you think it Can be profitable and its worth going for ? Id appreciate your responses! Thanks!

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