How Clean Is Your Sales and Marketing Data?

A Complimentary Data Health Scan for Oracle Sales and Marketing Customers

Today, nearly 52% of data in the CRM is inaccurate and 40% of all B2B leads contain bad data. 

If someone asked you to quantify just how accurate the data residing in your sales and marketing systems is, would you be able to? 

Are you aware of how unreliable data in your systems is affecting your sales and marketing teams?

Ask yourself:

  • Do your sales reps spend a lot of time doing their own manual research on prospects?
  • Do they have to use other systems to validate your CRM data? 
  • How much more effective would your marketing be if cleaner, more accurate, and complete data-fueled your segmentation efforts? 

One of the main reasons brands have erroneous data is that they’re not aligned on an enterprise customer intelligence strategy. This starts with a customer mastering solution, like Oracle Customer Data Management, which works to fuel a business’ front and back office applications with a single golden customer master record that’s complete and correct. 

Without a customer intelligence strategy in place, invalid and incomplete data is pervasive, starting with errors and oversights made during manual data entry and continuing over time as the data in sales and marketing systems decay, eventually becoming obsolete. 

Our customers are solving these challenges by leveraging the built-in CDM capabilities of Oracle’s CX solutions, and by tackling data quality both at the point of creation and long term: 

  • Smart Data auto-completes data as it’s being entered into the CRM, drawing from trusted and validated 3rd party sources.
  • Address enrichment keeps customer location data fresh and accurate over time. 
  • Oracle DataFox enriches account records with real-time event signals.
  • Account and contact enrichment via Dun & Bradstreet completes the customer profile with continuously refreshed 2nd and 3rd party attributes.

Oracle and Dun & Bradstreet Data Health Scan

When it comes to building a customer intelligence strategy, you can take it one step at a time. A great place to start is by understanding and quantifying the state of your data today. This is why Oracle has teamed up with Dun & Bradstreet to provide a complimentary data health scan to allow customers to do just that. 

Every Oracle CX Sales and Oracle Eloqua customer is invited to utilize the Oracle & Dun and Bradstreet Data Health Scan for free. The scan provides our customers with the following insights: 

Summary of data quality: 

  • Identify the number of duplicates.
  • Get a glimpse into the amount of records missing key attributes.
  • Flag out-of-date business records.

Summary of potential account data enrichment: 

  • Identify the percentage of company records that could be enriched with accurate 3rd party data.

Assessment of the completeness of the enriched corporate hierarchy:

  • Receive an analysis of company data and how entities are legally linked within a company. 

Analysis of data: global coverage, industry, employee size, revenue: 

  • Understand data coverage and enrichment by geographic region, industry, employee size, revenue, and several other attributes.

Oracle remains committed to equipping sales and marketing professionals with tools they’ll use and love. A big part of that is having clean, accurate, and complete data to fuel those systems and that sales reps and marketing professionals will trust. 

Click here to learn more about how your organization can get started on the Oracle and Dun & Bradstreet Data Health Scan.

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