Looking for some advice/feedback

We went live about 2 months ago and so far it has been a ghost town. We are unable to purchase any ads or use social media shops due to to our products "glorifying drug use." We had a campaign running for about a week but it got pulled. We have come across some profiles that have a pot leaf or cannabis language on their clothing and their brand has a fully functional store. Is there something we are missing?! Are there other platforms to use? Do not want to ruffle any feathers and get accounts banned.

We have been targeting folks on many social media platforms create buzz, which has gained us some traction in followers and feedback. Do we need a big fish? What other strategies could we try to create awareness?

Would love to hear what /ecommerce thinks upon first impression. We have some more apparel/accessories in the pipeline that will ideally keep people on the page longer.

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