Selling new product with low margins, no sales!

A couple months ago I started an eBay shop selling older baseball cards. It’s been a lot of fun, my customers are great, making a decent amount of sales.

In order to try to move these things quicker, I put together some “mystery packs” that people can buy from a particular decade (90s/80s/70s). My product isn’t the best, but I’m currently priced at 50% of what my competition is charging just to get some traction.

They’ve been listed for 2 weeks now, no sales. I’ve put a google ads up to try to get some attention. I’ve gotten 30 click throughs but no sales.

I’m wondering if I should keep the ad up or not? My thinking is once I get a couple customers and good reviews things will pick up – but I’ve also spent $50 on ads with no results. Just wondering what I should do in order to determine the problem – people are selling similar items for more money and getting sales.

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