Crowdfunded objects x artist collaboration

We are thinking of starting a crowdfunded eCommerce website that focuses on artist collaboration for everyday accessible objects.
– Keith Haring x Plates
– Andy Warhol x Butter Trays
– Artist x product

– Cause art should not just be for walls; everyday objects should inspire creativity. There are way too many talented artists out there whose art is currently reserved for display purposes only.

– There is a gap in the market for typically boring objects ( example: Plates, Bowls, Cups, Soap dispensers, Laundry hampers, Butter trays, Sugar containers, Lazy susans, Oil dispensers, Spatulas, Ironing boards, Shampoo/Conditioner bottles) that are only functional. We think that art can elevate these mundane objects.

– Currently, artist collaboration for everyday objects are either very expensive or mass produced. We want to tackle the niche where objects are limited edition yet relatively affordable. We think the way to achieve that is by crowdfunding products. Crowdfunding ensures only products that customer want get made thereby reducing cost of overproducing.

We have zero experience in the field of eCommerce anyone have any helpful tips or reasons why a website like this may not be successful?

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