Goodbye r/ecommerce – May We Meet Again.

Change is constant, and recent changes in my own life are leading me in a direction where I need to spend time in other areas. I plan to stay on as an official mod, and may return to active one day, but for now I am handing it over to the existing mods and introducing 2 new mods.

/u/Leviathant and /u/Camaro2ss are both longtime contributing members of our sub and both have agreed to join in a more 'official' capacity as mods. Both are well familiar with our sub rules and both are active pretty much daily. They will be welcome additions and will no doubt help keep the sub steered in the right direction (and spam-free!).

I want to thank /u/pdpdjh for inviting me on around 8 or 9 years ago now – it has been an honor to serve and learn here. /u/camrncrazy was the first of 2 mods I invited on (before now) and has helped to keep me grounded and calm at times. /u/eshwilk is a relatively new mod here but is also quite active in many other ecom related subs, and has done a fantastic job of helping us out.

Thank you all for the incredible learning opportunity. I will still be around for a short while just to see that the new mods are on their feet, but my feedback will be minimal. It has been wonderful to see this sub grow and help so many achieve their goals.

May you all have the success that you strive for.

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