I bought an HDMI cord for $1.99–including shipping. Can anyone explain a scenario where the merchant made money on this deal?

I bought a 4 foot HDMI cord on Ebay for $1.99 including shipping.

I thought it might be a fake listing–or coming from China–but the package arrived a few days later from the US.

It was a 3 ounce package with a label using Commercial Base Pricing.

I'm unsure how the merchant could offer this deal without losing money–as the shipping alone would cost around $2.74 at the commercial rate (which says nothing of the cost of goods, mailers, Ebay fees, and Paypal fees).

The buyer has sold hundreds of this item, but I have no idea how this is possible without losing money on each.

Is there some sort of discounted shipping that might make this viable? Or some other scenario I've failed to imagine?

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