[Opinion] How would you do it?

Hi everyone,

I'm building an ecommerce which is pretty simple. It is just one product (for now) and its 100% digital. But the catch is: This product needs a certain user input in order to actually make and send the final version back to the customer.

For example, the Client will enter their last name and country of birth, and on the back-end there is a script that will research everything related to their last name before sending back to them.

So, despite being just one item, it is made of 3 steps:

  1. User input: Entering their specific data.
  2. A script to run after the data and payment is successfully processed.
  3. Send to the client the final product. (My goal is to be within the same hour, 24/7)

My question is… How would you do it? I'm a little disorientated on where to start, and despite that i am doing my research, I also think it is good to hear (or read) the opinion of others as well.

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