Any interesting resources that have really impacted you? Want to get a thread going of the very best ecom resources. I shared my three below.

I’m looking to share some great resources or discoveries that have really helped take things to the next level. I have two so far but wondering if you have any others!

  1. Soona Studios – send them your product/s and they take super high quality images for cheap. They also do gifs and other marketing material that will up your ad campaigns.

  2. SuppliersData – almost 3000 different USA based businesses that you can start drop ship arrangements with. Easiest way to find products from suppliers that isn’t saturated.

  3. Trends E-commerce FB Group – heaps of experienced people in e-commerce with answers to all your questions immediately. Lots of ideas and a very friendly community.

Hope those help. Please feel free to share some of yours 🙂

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